Thursday, August 16, 2007

So much to do,so little time, let's just cross-stitch!

Today they delivered most of my stuff. There are 125 boxes stacked in my room, 2 pianos, 80 new chairs, 75 old chairs, 6 benches (?), a huge riser system that is NOT the one we ordered-nor is it assembled correctly, and 15 filing cabinets. There is neither a desk nor a table. The band director THINKS he is going to use one of the practice rooms as a storage room. Ah...NO!
The strings teacher and I plan to handle that situation tomorrow morning.

The new telephone system is amazingly complicated. We have to go through a 25 minute training session before they will give us our phone. Somehow they are hooked into the computer system and we can get our voice mail messages on our computers. Yesterday one of the women in the office accidentally forwarded the school phone calls to some mom's cellphone. She called about 11:00 am and said she was getting all of these school calls on her cellphone, people were yelling at her about schedules and buses - it was too funny! [Needless to say, they made the receptionist go through the telephone training again!]

SO, I am going to go snuggle down on my wonderfully comfortable couch and cross stitch on my new pumpkin pattern and pretend that I am NOT a chorus/drama teacher who has students starting class on Monday and has no music, folders, textbooks, handouts, or lesson plans!



crazyhaberdasher said...

...happy stitching!!!!

Beatrice said...

Keep stitching girl it sounds like you need the break. Enjoy.

Kathy said...

Let stitching be your escape from the frantic and crazy world of school.

Lyda said...

I bet you got a lot of stitching done! Sounds like school is crazy and the kids aren't even there yet! (And I'm jealous that your school has a strings teacher AND a band teacher AND YOU! That's so awesome!)