Friday, May 4, 2007

jane's jots

jane's jots
I get so involved reading other blogs, I don't think about posting on my own. It is so exciting to me that people have actually left me comments! I BELONG!!

I am working on the Village of Hawk Run Hollow. I've enjoyed seeing the progress some other stitchers are making on this pattern. In fact, it was seeing Margie's pictures and progress that inspired me to stop dreaming of doing it and actually order the pattern.

I notice that others work a block at a time, which makes sense I guess, but I tend to skip around. I have outlined a few squares and I work on one and then skip over to another.
[I guess I'm an ADD stiticher!] Yesterday I went to a friends house and we watched Dream Girls while she knitted and I stitiched. As a high school chorus teacher, it is seldom that I have an afternoon free from rehearsals to just sit and stitch with a friend.

I find it interesting that many of you schedule your stitching and have monthly goals. Does that not make it more stressful than relaxing?

I am going to try to figure out how to post pictures this weekend. Maybe I can show you what I have accomplished on 'the village'.

Happy stitching! Jane