Friday, March 28, 2008

A Wonderful Spring Break Week

What a wonderful week! I got to spend three whole days with my precious grand- daughter. It was so difficult to leave her this morning.
I am going to post a picture but I am going to explain it first. Blaine was born with her feet turned inward and has been through three weeks with casts. They were so blessed to get in with the Shriners in Lexington, KY. This Monday when they went, the doctors put her in shoes that are bolted to a bar. She has adapted fairly well, as she did to the casts. The picture below is so funny - she looks like a wild snow boarder!

The next one is a pic from Easter. She is trying to get the bunny in her mouth, which she does with everything!

So... while in Louisville I looked up some stitching stores. I got to go to two of them One was all knitting - beautiful yarns. I didn't have much time so my plan was to go back this morning on my way home. But they weren't open yet, so I decided to drive through Shelbyville. I found a shop there that had cross-stitch and needlepoint. It was in a very old house and the owner was a former school teacher. [It was interesting to learn that she does very well, and says it is because she is so far from a Michael's. She also does a good business from traveling stitchers who look up shops in places they are going to be traveling near.] I wish I could have spent more time in Shelbyville. It is a quaint little town with Main Street separated by a block of stores and each part of the street is one way. There were lots of neat looking stores, antique shops and clothing stores and a second hand children's clothing store that I would have loved to explore. But with a six hour drive ahead of me, I only visited the needlework shop. I did buy one pattern for a needlepoint Christmas tree that is worked on red canvas. Interesting, I'll post a pic later. Spring Break has been wonderful! I feel refreshed [definitely not rested, but I'll do that tomorrow] and ready to go back to school and put that Dinner Theatre together.

I missed reading my usual blogs and am going to do that right now.
Happy Stitching!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Heading to Blaine-town

Today was another great day! I visited with my friend Jan and her precious granddaughter this morning. Then I ran errands, came home and taught a piano lesson, and then began packing for my trip to Louisville tomorrow. [I think I am going to start calling it Blaine-town, because that's what it really is!] So I'll be gone until Friday. I hope everyone had a wonderful week!

Hugs to all, Jane

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Break - Day #2

So...this morning I drove to Greenville's Westend. It is beautiful, and if you ever visit Greenville, SC you must spend some time downtown and in the Westend. Anyway, one of my former students has opened a hair salon in the upstairs of a refurbished building. It is sooo nice, elegant - with the original hardwood floors and the bare brick walls. Very fashionable. Anyway, he cut my hair. Well I had cut it, he fixed it and cut the parts I could not reach. Did a great job, and I appreciated the 'former teacher and friend' discount.

Then I came home and began to throw things away. Apparently [according to Lyda of Pollyanna fame]there is a holiday called Discardia and I was celebrating it without even knowing it. I just celebrated and celebrated and it was wonderful.

Then, and you will be so envious, one of my students came over and helped me - and now absolutely everything in the entire house is exactly where it is supposed to be. I cannot remember when it has been like this!! SO..on Monday, the lady who cleans my room at school is going to come and give my house a deep cleaning. I am so excited!

Then, I read for a while, both of my precious children called me, and next I worked on hair bows for Baby Blaine. Now I am going to go watch TV and x-stitch. Could life BE any better!

Have a Blessed Easter!
Hugs to all,

PS Couldn't resist giving you another look at Baby Blaine. this is her first taste of snow.

Friday, March 21, 2008


I have absolutely, thoroughly, completely, and totally enjoyed this first day out of school and it's only 3:09 - lots more day to go!!

First I took my mother over to Spartanburg to a store that was buying gold. She had some stuff to sell and she got A LOT of money. I had a few things and got $101, which is more than I had when they were sitting in my drawer, right? That'll more than pay for my gas to Louisville next week.

Then I watched the re-make of An Affair to Remember with Warren Beatty and Annette Benning. Not as good as the original, but it made me cry!

Then the highlight of the day - I got to listen to Baby Blaine breathe and suck on her passy over the phone. HEAVEN!!
Ah, the joys of grandmotherhood!

Next I am going to get my nails done and then.....and then....I am going to came home and make my most wonderful very favorite BANANA PUDDING! And people... this is only the FIRST DAY of Spring Break!!!

So, I have an hour and a half before I have to leave for my nail appointment...and I am going to KNIT!!! What a life!!

Hugs to all,

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break...WooHoo!

Good Morning All!

Well, today is the last day of school before the much anticipated Spring Break! The kids will most certainly be WILD and I don't even care - I'll probably just be wild with them!

I am knitting [yes! knitting!] a red pocketbook that I am going to felt. I worked on it a lot at All-State Chorus Weekend. Also making a baby announcement to match the baby's blanket.

I also found some large wooden letters, about 10" high. I got letters to spell BLAINE and I am painting each one like one of the designs in the blanket. They are so cute. I'm going to try to find some sheer green ribbon to tie on them to hang them.

Also making hair bows. You will all certainly understand when I tell that I went to buy supplies and bought every width and color and design of ribbon I could find. Never let it be said that I do ANYTHING in moderation! haha

Can't wait to see DD and SIL and that blessed baby next week..

Yaw'll have a great day!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Baby Blaine

I just couldn't resist posting these pics. The bottom one is my absolute favorite. Though I love the one of DD holding Baby Blaine too!
I promise, I will stop soon.
Ugh, probably not......

My wonderful SIL is a great photographer and takes tons of pictures of EB. He is such a sweet and loving father. My DD is very blessed to have such a great husband.

I'm heading back up to Louisville next week, I am so excited! I am looking forward to seeing the parents as well as the little girl. I will have new photos, but I am disciplining my-grandmother-self and I will post knitting and stitching pics before I let me post more baby pics.

Hug to everyone from this very happy grandmother!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Knitting, piercing, and seeing old friends

Well, this was a great weekend. It was the SC All-State Chorus Weekend. Over 2000 students from all over the state audition in November, and the chosen ones go to Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC for a weekend in March. They have five or six selections to learn before they come,and then spend the weekend working with a world renowned director, and give a concert on Saturday afternoon. I only took three this year and they were very talented and fun girls. We laughed A LOT and had a really good time.

AND.....drum roll.....I had plenty of time to knit! Found some really cool buttons while in Louisville and decided to make a red pocketbook and felt it and put these buttons on it. So I began knitting the pocketbook. I love All-State weekend because I get to see friends that I have known for years and only see at this weekend and in September when we have a state wide meeting. It's kind of weird that there are sooooo many young directors that I don't know. I think I was probably the second oldest director there, since most retire in their early fifties.

I also did something a little crazy for me - got a second piercing in my ears. I got REAL cubic zirconia earrings - they look like diamonds. 'Looking like' is about as close as I will come to real diamonds. haha

Well, one week of classes and then...DA DA DA DUM..Spring Break! I think I am going to Charleston to spend a few days with a friend who lives down there. And here at home I plan to throw away some more stuff - still working toward getting my entire house completely simplified and organized.

Tomorrow I will post some pictures of the knitting and the buttons!

Happy Stitching!

Friday, March 7, 2008


So, a FEW more pics. I promise this isn't going to become a grand baby blog!

I love this one - she looks so content!

My favorite. She is wearing the dress and booties that her Mommy wore home from the hospital 29 years ago. You may recognize the blanket she is lying on...I made it. So, there ya' go...some knitting!

Looks like she is wondering "will they EVER stop flashing that light in my face?"

I just realized that I totally missed my Bloggerversary. I don't know, maybe because they had to put my precious grand baby in the hospital because she had lost almost three pounds. Ya think?
I was slightly pre-occupied. But all is well, and she is gaining now.

My plan is to rest this weekend and do some major stitching and other crafting for Baby Blaine. I will definitely post pics!
Yaw'll have a great weekend!