Saturday, March 15, 2008

Knitting, piercing, and seeing old friends

Well, this was a great weekend. It was the SC All-State Chorus Weekend. Over 2000 students from all over the state audition in November, and the chosen ones go to Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC for a weekend in March. They have five or six selections to learn before they come,and then spend the weekend working with a world renowned director, and give a concert on Saturday afternoon. I only took three this year and they were very talented and fun girls. We laughed A LOT and had a really good time.

AND.....drum roll.....I had plenty of time to knit! Found some really cool buttons while in Louisville and decided to make a red pocketbook and felt it and put these buttons on it. So I began knitting the pocketbook. I love All-State weekend because I get to see friends that I have known for years and only see at this weekend and in September when we have a state wide meeting. It's kind of weird that there are sooooo many young directors that I don't know. I think I was probably the second oldest director there, since most retire in their early fifties.

I also did something a little crazy for me - got a second piercing in my ears. I got REAL cubic zirconia earrings - they look like diamonds. 'Looking like' is about as close as I will come to real diamonds. haha

Well, one week of classes and then...DA DA DA DUM..Spring Break! I think I am going to Charleston to spend a few days with a friend who lives down there. And here at home I plan to throw away some more stuff - still working toward getting my entire house completely simplified and organized.

Tomorrow I will post some pictures of the knitting and the buttons!

Happy Stitching!

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DaisyGirl said...

I remember Allstate as a senior, oh my, I feel really old right now! You will love have 2 sets of earrings, I know I do. I really need to orangize my cross stitch stuff, might do that over our spring break!
Have a great upcoming week!