Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break...WooHoo!

Good Morning All!

Well, today is the last day of school before the much anticipated Spring Break! The kids will most certainly be WILD and I don't even care - I'll probably just be wild with them!

I am knitting [yes! knitting!] a red pocketbook that I am going to felt. I worked on it a lot at All-State Chorus Weekend. Also making a baby announcement to match the baby's blanket.

I also found some large wooden letters, about 10" high. I got letters to spell BLAINE and I am painting each one like one of the designs in the blanket. They are so cute. I'm going to try to find some sheer green ribbon to tie on them to hang them.

Also making hair bows. You will all certainly understand when I tell that I went to buy supplies and bought every width and color and design of ribbon I could find. Never let it be said that I do ANYTHING in moderation! haha

Can't wait to see DD and SIL and that blessed baby next week..

Yaw'll have a great day!


Beatrice said...

Hi Jane.
Thank you for the lovely comment about my Mom. Yup she is amazing.
The photos of your Little Baby Blaine are so cute. What a sweetie.

Beatrice said...

By the way the blanket is gorgeous. The blocks will be a neat touch!

DaisyGirl said...

Great pictures! We have 2 more weeks till our spring break! Can't wait!

Sharkeysday said...

I LOVE this quilt! Since I'm new to your it all crazy pieced? Or did you just piece it that way? Did you tie it? I know - too many questions!

I just love the way it turned out! Thanks for the comment on my blog...I'll stop by here often! :)