Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Break - Day #2

So...this morning I drove to Greenville's Westend. It is beautiful, and if you ever visit Greenville, SC you must spend some time downtown and in the Westend. Anyway, one of my former students has opened a hair salon in the upstairs of a refurbished building. It is sooo nice, elegant - with the original hardwood floors and the bare brick walls. Very fashionable. Anyway, he cut my hair. Well I had cut it, he fixed it and cut the parts I could not reach. Did a great job, and I appreciated the 'former teacher and friend' discount.

Then I came home and began to throw things away. Apparently [according to Lyda of Pollyanna fame]there is a holiday called Discardia and I was celebrating it without even knowing it. I just celebrated and celebrated and it was wonderful.

Then, and you will be so envious, one of my students came over and helped me - and now absolutely everything in the entire house is exactly where it is supposed to be. I cannot remember when it has been like this!! SO..on Monday, the lady who cleans my room at school is going to come and give my house a deep cleaning. I am so excited!

Then, I read for a while, both of my precious children called me, and next I worked on hair bows for Baby Blaine. Now I am going to go watch TV and x-stitch. Could life BE any better!

Have a Blessed Easter!
Hugs to all,

PS Couldn't resist giving you another look at Baby Blaine. this is her first taste of snow.

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Beatrice said...

Awwwww what a beautiful baby she is!
Have a great spring break.
I hope you had a wonderful Easter.!