Saturday, August 4, 2007

To knit, or cross-stitch, or read...That is the question!

Well, it has been a relaxing Saturday. I couldn't decide whether to read, cross-stitch, or knit - so I rotated.

My daughter and her hubby are coming home the end of August for my Mother's 90th birthday. She [my Mother] is amazing, takes one aspirin a day, and drives everyday to the local senior citizens center and plays the piano from 10:00 until 10:30 each morning. She considers herself one of the volunteers and talks about 'those little old people'. [She is probably much older that any of the other people who come there] She is so funny.
Anyway...I want to finish the "I'm-finally-going-to-be-a-grandmother-baby-blanket" before they come home so I can give it to her.

So, I knitted a while. Then I worked on my current Halloween project. And then I read. [If I could figure out a way to read, knit and cross-stitch at the same time I would be in heaven.]
Being able to drive and knit or cross-stitch would be pretty cool too. [I was a voice major in college and used to practice my pieces while driving home on the interstate. I shudder to think how dangerous that was. My parents would have freaked if they had known it!]

Anyway, my day was rather peaceful. School starts soon though and the peaceful days will end for a while. We are moving into a new building, so the start of school will be crazy! [The building still isn't ready. I have visions of teaching in an orange hard hat and handing them out to the students as they come in the building!]

I think I shall go knit some more and then head to bed.

Happy Stitching [or knitting!]