Monday, August 20, 2007

First Day in the New School

So today was the first day of school for the kids. All of my classes were good - good sizes, well-behaved, nice kids. My stupid car, which has been fine all summer wouldn't start at all this morning. ACK! How revolting. So a friend picked me up and someone came for the car and I am praying that it can be fixed CHEAPLY!!!!!
I am going to work on my pumpkin tonight. Tomorrow my lesson plan is "Setting Up a Choral Music Library" which will entail each student getting a box and unpacking it. heh heh. I mean, what else can I do, did you SEE those boxes??

This is the chorus room. The riser system they sent is not the one we ordered. We are working on that.

This is one view of my office. As you can see, everything is still in boxes and nothing is organized yet.

ANother view of the office. Not sure why they put in kitchen cabinets....

This is one of three practice rooms.

Another view of my office.

Another view of the chorus room.

The ceiling of the chorus room, which I think is really neat looking. The choir sounded really good, those acoustical tiles are doing their job!

One view of the enormous storage room.

Storage room - obviously not organized yet.

Storage room.



Commons area - cafeteria

Oops - storage room again.


So, someone needs to tell me how to delete pictures!
Have a great evening!
Happy Stitching!

Someone did, actually several someones and I deleted all the repeat pics! Thanks Guys!


Kathy said...

On deleting pictures, I have only done it in the create blog mode. Just click on the picture and there are little squares that outline the picture and hit the delete key. Maybe someone else has more info than that.

Cheryl said...

Enjoyed your photos! I would just have suggested what Kathy has already suggested for deleting pictures.

Jeni said...

The school looks great! WOW on the chorus room, your office, the storage room and the practice rooms - it make me wonder what we ever did in the tiny, unspecified space we always used by in the day at good ol EHS!
I love you!

Lyda (one of the Pollyannas) said...

Hope the inspired lesson plan "Setting up a Music Library" went well. I'm sure the kids had fun and they sure have enough energy to get all those boxes unpacked! My son's band teacher always has similar lessons at the beginning of the year: "Organizing Uniform Storage" is so popular with the kids (ha ha) that they do it several times a year.

I think to delete pics, you have to "edit" your post, and then you can get them gone. But we're on a different host, so maybe it's different here...?

Marie-P said...

Delete pics:
From your blog...go to the post that has the pics you want to delete. Press EDIT and this should bring up the actual post (If it brings you to the list of all of your posts then just click on the post with the pics).
Place your cursor on the picture and left click. Press the DELETE key to delete that pic.
That should work :-) I hope!

Dr. B. said...

Wow. That photo of your choir room took me back immediately to junior high choir - I could smell the room and everything! Weird.

You should probably know that in 8th grade I had a solo in The Theme from Arthur... (You know, when you get caught between the moon and New York City.) Yeah. I'm all that.

Hope everything is settling down now!