Monday, August 13, 2007

Missing Music, Prisoners, and a HUGE Bootie

So...I went to the school. Oh my goodness, it is SO not ready! There is no furniture in my room or office. All of the boxes of music etc. are who-knows-where? And they are still painting and wiring. They had prisoners there unloading the moving trucks, with their guards standing around patroling them. Weird. Oh and the air conditioning didn't work and the parking lots aren't ready. So...after this wonderful, peaceful, calming summer, one hour there and all the stress was back. I just wanted to come home and knit, which I did, and I finished my baby blanket. It is so beautiful. I tried a bootie - it would have fit a five yr. old, so I frogged it and tried a bib. It was just ugly! Frogged it too. So I decided I would BUY bibs and booties and maybe try a sweater! [Tomorrow - just call me Scarlett!]


Kathy said...

Sorry to hear about the chaos at your school. It should get better. Keep trying on the knitting. You are doing better than me. I cannot do it at all.

Marie-P said...

I'm back:-)
Prisoners...Yikes, that is a bit scary.
Hope that future trips to the school are less hectic for you.