Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pictures....I hope.


Everything is in upside down order. ACK!

So now I will try to post pictures of two things I am going to to do. One is yet another pumpkin pattern and the other is a kit that I saw on someone's blog and fell in love with and ordered.

I just realized that they will come in above this.

I first uploaded them in backwards order so they would be in the order I wanted. Those pictures are floating around out in blogland space.

Today has been an arthritis day. I have done nothing but cross stitch. I am trying to post some stuff. It never goes where I think it will go..... Okay they keep disappearing.

SO, this is probably as confusing to read as it was to post. I'm going back to cross-stitching.

BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog and for commenting and e-mailing. I do so wish that some of you lived closer!

Are any of you going to the convention in M yrtle Beach in October? I'm really thinking about doing that!!

Happy Stitching!

PS I don't know why all these big spaces are here.


Kathy said...

Wow!! Lots of stitching done. Very nice.

I know how you feel about having problems getting things right on my blog. I have to think in reverse. Load the thing you want to be last, first and other things in reverse order you want them to appear. Not sure how you get the extra space in, but if while you are writing your post,click on preview. It will show you what it is going to look like. After you figure out where you want to delete spaces, click "hide preview" and you are back to where you can delete the rows and type more words. Hope this helps.

Ranae said...

Hi! I love all your finishes. And the new charts. You can drag and drop your pics where you want them. Thats what I do anyway. I cant wait to see you finish the patchwork pumpkin.

crazyhaberdasher said...

Hi Jane! how could I have forgotten you....I am so sorry. Of course you are nominated for a "Nice Matters" award!
I will email you separately.

Marie-P said...

Jane...your blog is a riot, really I read and laugh!!!
I usually type in my post first and then upload all pictures that I will be including. They will appear at the top of the post, you can click on each one and drag it to the appropriate loacation. Once that is done you may have extra spaces (not sure why) but you can just place the cursor on the empty line and press delete.
I am not sure why posting can get so confusing but you are not alone!

quiltorstitch said...

Your finishes are just awesome! They are all really big too, you are a busy girl :D I hope you got your blog photo loading figured out, it is confusing at first, but once you understand it, it'll be easier. You can email me if you have questions too, I'd be happy to help out!