Monday, August 27, 2007

Misc. Ramblings

So, things seemed fine at school today. All the leaks were plugged. More boxes of mine arrived, but we're still missing some equipment. I found my missing table, they had put it down on the ground in the mud so they could walk across it. Go figure!

I went yesterday to hear a dear friend preach at a nearby church. He went through my choral program, has finished Southern Baptist Seminary, and is now working on his PhD. He was an amazing student, played Danny in Grease when we did it, and the tin man in Wizard of Oz. We've stayed close all of these years. I was so proud of him yesterday. It is so cool to watch students grow up and realize their dreams.

I spent the rest of the day working on my pumpkin. And couldn't wait to get home after school to work on it some more. Had meetings first, but I have accomplished a lot. I don't really enjoy working on this linen, it's really slow going for me and difficult to see. But, I shall persevere! In fact it should be finished soon.

Boy, working is really cutting into my fun time! I wish I could just x-stitch, knit, and read and just have a paycheck magically arrive in my bank account once a month! If any of you figure out how to make that happen, be sure to let me know.

Happy Stitching!


Lyda (one of the Pollyannas) said...

It's a deal - if I figure out the magically-arriving paycheck, I'll let you know! And you let me know if you figure it out first, 'kay?

Hurray for your student/friend! What a great success story!

And hurray for you for surviving, I mean, enjoying the first day of school. Next year, the beginning of school will seem so... boring :)

Beatrice said...

Why does work always have to get in the way? Have a good day!
Stitch with happy fingers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,
Cheri Adams Wofford. I found your blog through Kelly Watson's. She and her husband bought my house after I remarried... I kept reading things on your blog and just knew it was you..then saw Jennie's picture. I hope you are doing well. My email is Take care

Wendy said...

When you discover how to get those paycheques to magically appear, please let me know too?!?