Saturday, August 25, 2007

I haven't posted all week - I just came home and collapsed. It's always difficult to get back into the new schedule. School is good, classes are good - still don't have all of my stuff...lost in 'moving land' I guess. Boxes keep straggling in from other teachers who got chorus stuff delivered to them. And my grand piano is STILL in the old building in the library.

Wed. they delivered 40 boxes of copy paper to me and stacked them right outside my door, with me inside. Fortunately I can get out through the band room! Okay - that much paper would last me 20 years! literally! When the movers aren't sure where something goes, they just pick a place and put stuff there.

Yesterday we had a terrible storm, the hardest rain I have EVER seen, hail, wind, the works. It started about ten minutes before school dismissal. And the school was leaking all over the place. Can you believe it? I guess it's good that it happened now, so those things can be fixed, but what a mess! My room was okay - however I did have a leak in my office Thursday from the sprinkler system.

So, I haven't touched my stitching all week. My plan is to work on my pumpkin this evening. I finished the baby blanket and I will get to give it to DD this weekend, since she is coming for my Mom's 90th birthday. DS can't make it in from Minneapolis, I miss him so much. I am planning a surprise party for her.

This is kind of a dull post -but I am feeling kind of dull right now. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I appreciate all the comments!

Happy Stitching!

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Marie-P said...

Happy Birthday to you Mom!!!
Hope that you got some much needed rest this weekend, and that you found time for stitching!
I got my fabric for Village of Hawk Run Hollow ~ will start stitching soon I hope!