Saturday, August 18, 2007

Really bad pictures of new stash

I have some new 'stash'! I was in the only LNS that I know of around here [they keep closing]. I saw two models that I immediately fell in love with - both pumpkins. I had the owner order the two patterns for me and went to pick them up Tuesday.

One was in a book - A Fine Collection by Barb Adams and Alma Allen; Blackbird Designs. If I had known the price of the book, I would not have ordered it, but I didn't, so I did, and I am working on the pumpkin. The picture in the book is done with the variegated yarn, but the model I saw was done with a solid orange and I liked it better. It is on tie-dyed brown faric.

The other pumpkin was Celtic Pumpkin from The Sunflower Seed. The model was done using beige instead of yellow, as shown in the picture. I also liked that better and will do mine the same way.

As I was checking out, I noticed another model, Christmas Tree by M Designs. The model was done all in gold and had small gold beads sewn around on the tree. If you look closely, which is difficult with the picture I took, it says Christmas from bottom to top and is mirrored on the other side of the tree. My PLAN is to make if for my DD for Christmas, but I have learned never to count on my PLAN where handmade gifts are concerned.

This picture is terrible but I can't seem to delete it. In the picture it is done in silver and had multi-colored beads. You can barely see that it says Christmas in cursive writing on the bottom side of the tree.
I am having trouble with lighting with the pictures. The light or the flash on the camera reflects on the pattern. Oh well, maybe you can tell a little about the patterns.

I have done nothing today except sleep. I was exhausted after working all day yesterday moving boxes and books and furniture. I awoke this morning at 10:59, lay down to take a nap at 12:12 and awoke at 5:32. Isn't it funny how, now that we have digital clocks, we say time to the minute. Of, course, some of you may have been born AFTER the advent of digital clocks, but those of you that are nearer my age, know what I'm talking about.

And now, since I think my brain is actually still taking a nap, I will just go back to bed.

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Mindi said...

Lovely stash additions! I have both Celtic pumpkin and the Christmas tree.