Monday, August 6, 2007

Dishwashers, Duct tape, & Twins?

So, today was an interesting day. I finally broke down and bought a new dishwasher. The one I have came with the house, it has to be at LEAST 30 years old. Well, it developed these two rust holes on either side of the bottom of the door, I mean you could see the floor through the holes.
I just ignored them, until the water started pouring out of the holes onto the floor. So, being a firm believer in the miraculous properties of duct tape, I tried mending the holes with duct tape. Well, duct tape may hold cars together (not mine, but I've seen more than one!) and it may remove warts, but it most definitely does NOT work on dishwasher holes. It peels right off when it heats up, which is what my dear son-in-law tried to tell me, but I tend to do things the hard way and find out for myself. Why not just admit it...I usually assume that I am right, which I usually am. So....long story short [too late!] I broke down and bought a dishwasher. It will be delivered and installed in the next several days.

I still say, "When all else fails, try duct tape before you give up!"

My daughter and her husband are thinking that she might be carrying twins. They DO run in my family as well as his, so it could happen. She is either further along than she thinks, or there just might be two of them in there. I can't wait to see her pregnant, which I will get to do in a few weeks. They go to the doctor Thursday, so I guess we will soon know what is in store for us!

I did knit a little on the baby blanket, maybe 2 inches. I am going to watch Mystery Woman and knit some more. If you haven't seen that show, you should try to catch it. I say 'try to catch it' because, though it is always on Hallmark Channel, it is on different days and times.

Happy Stitching!


Lyda said...

I'm with you, duct tape is always worth trying. And wow - twins - TWO baby blankets to make! Exciting!

Vonna said...

Hi Jane :)
Thanks for visiting my blog!
I'll be interested in seeing if your DD is having twins! I knew I was carrying twins before the Dr. good luck! :)

Wendy said...

Hi Jane~ Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment! Its so great to find a stitcher who has similar tastes to my own :-D

And congratulations on becoming a grandmother...maybe twice ?!? I look forwards to watching your progress on your blanket(s)

Beatrice said...

You will have twice as much fun as a grandma if it's twins...All the best to you and your DD. Stitch with happy fingers.
My Mom is going to be 91 next week and like your Mom is in great shape. She stitches every day.
Aren't we LUCKY to have our Mom's?

Lee said...

WOW! Awesome quaker project! Who is the designer?