Sunday, July 6, 2008


I am back from five wonderful days on the Isle of Palms and Charleston, SC.
A former student of mine is a youth minister at a church on the Isle of Palms.
She was house/dog sitting in a gorgeous home in Wild Dunes and invited Jeni, EB, and me to come and stay with her. It was great being with her, and with Jeni and EB, and being in Charleston. I love Charleston! We ate some great seafood and shopped in the open-air market and saw some of the sites.

Since the only pictures I took were of Lauren the baby and Jeni, I have imported some pictures from the Internet to show you where we went. This is a view of the Isle of Palms.

We like to eat at restaurants where the locals go, rather than always the big tourist attractions. Lauren knew all the best places. We ate at this place called The Wreck of Richard and Charlene. It was well named! When we first drove up, I thought maybe we were in the wrong place and was hesitant about going in, but there were many cars there and other people going in. It actually looks better in this pic than it did in person. It is more grown-up all around it now. It was screened-in and not air conditioned, but the food was wonderful!

We ate at another place where they had buckets in the middle of the tables for oyster shells. Since we didn't have oysters, we put EB in the bucket. We did a lot of shopping. At Chico's, where they were having an amazing sale, I actually ran into two friends from Spartanburg.

We went to the open-air market at the old slave market. I got some great jewelry. Jeni was on a search for pralines and finally found some.

This is a pic of Jeni and EB at the Wreck of Richard and Charlene

This is Lauren and EB - also at the wreck.

And finally, I LOVE this pic. Jeni took away my wrinkles and I look so young!

So, a wonderful time was had by all! Amazingly enough, I didn't even touch my needlework. I had taken knitting and cross-stitch, but spent every moment I could playing with EB. I have to say, she absolutely takes precedence over any of my hobbies and pastimes. You grandmothers out there understand!!

So, my current interests are making hair bows for EB and making new ribbon straps for the flip flops I bought in Charleston. [They are made from ribbon and are attached with Velcro. I bought a ton of ribbon and shall have an entire wardrobe of flip flops. Every woman's dream! Woo hoo! ]

So.. off to make some ribbons!

Happy Stitching!
Jane .


david, blair, and sadie beth said...

Thanks Jane! I bet you enjoyed your visit with Jeni and EB - she is such a cutie! -Blair

Stitchingranny said...

Oh yes I understand so well, nothing comes before my baby (who was 6 the other day and growing way to fast for Granny's liking)>