Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gift from Rachel

I came home from Louisville to find a package from Rachel waiting for me.
I was so touched to find inside the gift pictured below. What a thoughtful gift - because I really have talked about my precious grand baby pretty much non-stop since she was born. So, nothing could have pleased me more! And the card she enclosed is also beautiful. I have never seen a card that was embroidered like that. I asked if she had made the card, but haven't heard back yet.

I struggled with the photos, I just couldn't seem to get a pic that did them justice. Too much light, or a reflection of the flash and I have no idea how to turn off the flash on the camera. At any rate, I will treasure both, and the sweet words she wrote inside.

Last week I went rather suddenly to Louisville.. I was out and about and talking to Jeni on my cellphone and she said "Why don't you come today?" That's all it took, I went home, threw together some things and headed out. [I actually didn't throw together quite enough things, because I wound up having to go buy a few tops since the three I brought with me were either soaked with drool or had a little spit-up on them. :) No complaints though, she can drool and spit-up on me all day long if she wants to!]
I helped Jeni with some packing and sorting in preparation for a yard sale, and also got to spend some wonderful time with EB. Her newest thing is sticking both legs straight up in the air, sometimes holding her feet, sometimes just looking at them.

Last weekend I went to Charlotte with my friend and her daughter to do some shopping. While her daughter shopped, Carol and I did our own shopping and I went to Sephora to see about getting some good face care products. They were having some kind of 'event' and had make-up artists there. I would up with a girl from NY who has done some Broadway shows, which was cool. She helped me with skin care products and a skin care regimen, which I have never really done. I guess at 58, it's time to start. Then she talked me into doing make-up too and I apparently have been using the wrong colors. Anyway, I didn't purchase all of the make-up but can add it gradually.

Jeni and baby are coming here Monday because Jeni's Dad is having knee surgery. So I will get to keep EB while Jeni is helping her Dad. School begins soon and I am just so blessed to have been able to spend so much time with Jeni and EB this summer.
I have to get my programs planned and music ordered before school starts, so I'll have to start going to school week after next.

So, as the Summer of Jane is winding down, I have to say this has been one of my best summers ever!


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Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Hi Jane,

I'm glad the package arrived safe and sound. It looks like the bow got a little wonky in transit - you may need to re-tie and play with it to get it looking cute again. :) I posted a picture on my blog, too. Aren't those cards pretty? I wish I could take credit for the embroidery but I did not do that - I'm not sure of the source, however, as they were a birthday gift from my sister. I like your new hairstyle! Glad you're having such a great summer. Thanks for the pictures of EB - she is such a cutie!!