Saturday, January 26, 2008

Quilting Question

Here's the question - for all of you experienced quilters:
DD wants me to make a quilt out of the bridesmaid dresses she has worn. All of them are satin. We will also be using crushed velvet. My vision was to tie it. But she wants it quilted. Can you quilt satin and velvet? I suppose I could do it in squares and then sew them together. I really don't know. And what thread would I use for the quilting, with the materials being black, silver, periwinkle, 2 different shades of burgundy, and an off-white. Can you even wash these fabrics? I'm thinking it would have to be dry cleaned. Tell me your thoughts please?

I am in Louisville visiting DD and SIL. I came up yesterday, took a wrong turn in Knoxville and made an already 6 hour drive into an 8 hour drive. She is soooooo pregnant. Bless her heart, she is so ready to have this baby. It is fun seeing all the baby stuff.

I am loving my new Rodeo. It was great driving here. I have not had a CD player and that was great. [You remember that the car I was hanging on to was a '97.] I also like being up higher. So I rode along and Barry [Manilow] and I sang our hearts out all the way here. [I did give the Beatles some time.]

Incidentally, remember the post about trying to make baby booties and it turning out huge, like for a 5 year old. Well, the title says " something, something,and a HUGE bootie." I have gotten sooooo many hits on that post, isn't that funny. I had never thought about what that would sound like.

Have a great weekend and I hope yaw'll get some stitching [or quilting] done. I am driving instead of stitching, but it's worth it to see my kids.

When talking to them about coming up later, I said "when I come back up here to get the baby..." It was funny, talk about a Freudian slip!! I think I may have given my plan away - Bwa-ha-ha she laughed with an evil gleam in her eye!



Tara said...

So you did get to go to Louisville?! That is great. That is hilarious that you have gotten all those hits on the "big bootie" post!

Lyda said...


I love the idea of making a quilt out of the bridesmaid dresses.

There is special quilting thread for both machine and hand quilting. It comes in every color, and in metallic too. It might be pretty to use silver and gold, or one or two colors to match the fabric.

If you want to machine quilt it, it might work better if you do squares and then sew the squares together. That might also be a lot easier to do individual squares if you hand quilt it, less fabric on your lap. Are you thinking of quilting a design on the squares, or doing a "stitch in the ditch" (going around the squares) kind of quilting?

I have a pattern for a puff-pillow quilt, where you make squares (the top being an inch bigger than the bottom fabric - you make a little tuck in the middle of each side), stuff the squares with cotton batting, and then sew all the squares together. I've done this twice for baby quilts, and I think it would be pretty in those fabrics. I can send you a copy of the instructions if you want. (I got it from a book, but I'll have to look which one.)

Of course, both satin and velvet ravel so much; I'd be sure to seam the edges of each square first so the threads don't drive you mad. And to keep them from unraveling with use.

I do think it will have to be dry cleaned - hopefully not too often. I'd be worried the colors would run in the wash.

quiltorstitch said...

What a great idea!
I am afraid I can’t help here, I have only really sewn with cottons. I will be sure and ask around to my friends who have sewn dresses/clothes before though!