Sunday, January 13, 2008

I've Been Tagged

So, I have been tagged. And I am supposed to list five random facts about myself.

Well my first thought was to call one of my children and ask for suggestions, but then I decided to call my dear friend Tara. Tara and DD became best friends in high school and have been close ever since. They were in each other's weddings etc.
Tara was also in my choir at school - for four years - and we have gotten to be good friends. I love her like a daughter. We get together two or three times a month and go out for dinner and I figure she knows me about as well as my own children do, actually better in some ways. So when I asked for unusual things about me, she began laughing and listing things faster than I could write. [Not quite sure how to take that.] Anyway,here goes:

1. When I sneeze,I sound like a small dog barking, and I never do less than a series of four at a time. [My classes start counting as soon as I start sneezing. My record is 21!]
2. I have watched the first Godfather movie so many times that I can say the entire script along with the movie.
3. The first time I took an Ambien I fell head first into the bathtub in the middle of the night.
4. When my Daddy was trying to teach me to drive [1965] , I nearly ran into a train station because I was looking at my knees peeking out from beneath my new lavender skirt and thinking how pretty they looked. [He was pretty mad.]
5. I went to Landrum High School which was the first air-conditioned school in the state of South Carolina. [Incidentally, they kept their piano in the closet of the health room.]

So now I get to tag 5 people. I think I'll tag some of the members of my SAL group:
1. Mindi [What's Up With Wyora]
2. Marie [Creative Thread]
3. Katrina [The Needle's Promise]
4. Kathy [Purple Wildcat]
5. Wanda [WB Stitches]

Speaking of the SAL group - I actually stitched on my VOHRH today. Unlike everyone else I started in the middle and I don't really do a block at a time. I skip around a lot, I guess I am an ADD stitcher.

So, no kids at school tomorrow, it's a teacher workday. Kinda nice.

I've had a great weekend. Yesterday I took my mother [90 yr old] over to Landrum. We picked up a friend of ours and went to Tryon to my most favorite restaurant anywhere for lunch, and then I rode all around in Landrum for Momma. She lived there for twenty years and really enjoyed seeing the town. It has changed a lot, and she enjoyed seeing the house we used to live in and the little downtown and the church etc.

Well, it's off to stitch. AND guess what's on TV? Godfather III. Woo-hoo!

Happy Stitching!


Tara said...

haha! the Ambian one is the funniest!!

crazyhaberdasher / knittingbee said...

I never thought to ask someone - I was rattling my brain trying to come up with things about myself, I really just wanted to keep my blog about the collection etc.
My husband does the same thing sneezing only he is louder! I think he has got up to 12.