Friday, January 11, 2008


You know, coming back to school after Winter Break is just HARD! Two weeks at home really spoils you! But back to school it was and this week was exam week. I haven't stitched much. I started knitting up this extremely soft white yarn for g-baby, but this is the most difficult yarn I have ever tried to knit. SO, forget that!

I finally broke down and bought a new car, well, new to me. I have had my car for eleven years and really liked not having a car payment. SO,the brakes went and I still drove it, going slow and coasting to a stop. [I am neither stubborn nor stupid - really - I'm not -really!] Anyway, I am going to need to drive to Louisville when the baby comes, so I took the big step. It was going to cost more to fix what was wrong with it than the car was even worth. So--I got a Rodeo [I feel like I am driving a truck!] and it is our school color - Royal Blue. It is really pretty and my students thought it was pretty cool that I got that color. In fact, they want to paint yellow racing stripes on it.

I guess that's all my news.

OH _ WAIT _ I do have BIG NEWS!!!

I went to dinner Tuesday night with a friend. We went to the local Panera Bread. Lo and behold - there sat a group of KNITTERS!!!!
Being the shy and retiring person that I am, I went over and began talking to them and admiring their work etc. etc. Well, I was invited to join the group and I am going to start next Tuesday. Some of you may remember a while back when I was trying to find people to start a group with....well, I am excited. They start arriving about 4ish and stay until it closes. Fun stuff!

I hope everyone is having a good start to the year and has something fun to work on!
Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Stitching


Marie-P said...

Your posts always make me smile!
Glad that you got another car and that you now have brakes!!!
So, will you be painting that yellow racing stripe? LOL

What a fabulous idea, a stitching group that meets at Panera. It can't get any better than that. Enjoy the knitting and dining each week.

crazyhaberdasher / knittingbee said...

Hi Jane! Happy New Year!
So glad to hear that you have found your knitting group, fantastic!
Now are you going to attempt that g-baby knitting again?
By the way, you have been tagged!
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