Friday, October 12, 2007


It's a girl!!!!!!

I am so excited. They had one of those 3-D ultrasounds this morning. They said she kept her hands over her face so they couldn't really see her face. And DD said that when they showed the area that would tell it was a girl, she just saw a blur. Anyway, they are 99% sure that it's a girl, so I can start sewing and quilting and knitting and x-stitching for real! With a design in mind - I am thinking Honey Bees!I am going to Louisville next week for a long weekend and I am looking forward to yard sailing and shopping with the 'mommy'.

I stayed home today - still kind of in a funk and not sure why - but I thought a 'mental health' day might help. I always feel better when things around me are clean and straightened, but instead of cleaning and straightening I have been on the computer writing and reading and looking up cute pictures of honey bees. Go figure!

Hope you all have a great weekend.
Happy Stitching!


BeckySC said...

Hi Jane :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog and congratulations on your grandaughter...I bet you are EAGER for her to arrive :) !!

Unfortunately I bought the last 3 Halloween boxes from the shop-I aksed her is they would get anymore in and she didn't know. If they have them the next time I go in-I will gladly pick you up a couple and send them to you :) I'll let you know :)

Vonna said...

OH my!!!! isn't that just glorious...a baby girl...there's nothing like spoiling a wee little girl :) I've got two of both (boys and girls), so I know! But then again, there's nothing like a little boy either :) CONGRATS!

Lyda said...

So very wonderful! Congrats to you all! And exciting to have a plan...

Hey, sometimes one just has to stay home and look up honeybees on the internet. For one's mental health. :)

Miokka said...

Yippee skippeee! A new baby granddaughter to spoil! Nothing is any better! Grandbabies are soooo much better than our own children! {;^)
I took a mental health day, too, this week. Sometimes ya just gotta... I might take another one... in another 5 years!
Enjoy you time with your daughter!

Kathy said...

Wow!! A little girl.

I remember when I was working that is wss necessary to have a mental health day ever so often. On those days you need to do things that make you feel good. You were doing that looking up honey bess on the the computer.

Sorry about your little funk. We have had 2 more people join our SAL for VOHRH this week. I told them that it was going to be a stress-free SAL and not to worry they were starting a month late. They probably would not have any problems catching up and keeping up.

Beatrice said...

Hi Jane,
I haven't been here for a while so I back tracked on your blog.
You have so many great Halloween things and stitches.
Isn't it a lovely time of the year.

Congrats on the new Baby girl to be,
That is good news too. I hope you won't be too upset with a boy ...It could be !
Stitch with happy fingers and I love your Pumpkin story.

Marie-P said...

Hi Jane...
How very exciting a baby grandaughter! I had two (wonderful) boys but I would LOVE for them to someday have a baby girl (not too soon as neither are married LOL).
Read my blog about the VOHRH SAL and you will see the status of my stitching this month :-)
Hope that your Mental Health day was relaxing and helped get you out of that nasty "funk"
Have a great weekend!

wanda said...

Congrats on the girl I just found out my DH's sis is having another little girl. I might need to find some bee stuff too. Our baby is due in the spring what about yours?

Hazel said...

Awwww congrats. I love babies and a girl too - woohoo!! xx