Monday, October 1, 2007

"So you had a bad day...."

Well, all I can say about today is that it was horrible from beginning to end. 'Nuff said! I'm going to READ blogs tonight instead of write. However I do have a question - I notice that someone from Six Mile, SC reads my blog. Who are you, pray tell?


Vonna said...

Me too...had bad day yesterday...hope today is better for us both!

I meant to leave a comment the other day and I think it got lost in cyberspace...but I love that pumpkin!!! The artist is from down your way I believe and all his things are sold at Hallmark shops. Have you seen his nativity sets or angels? GLORIOUS!

Marie-P said...

Hope you have better days ahead!

Wendy said...

I hope the last couple of days have been better for you! I love that pumpkin - its just gorgeous!

Hazel said...

Hope your days are better. xx

Miokka said...

Love your pumpkins, maybe we should have a stitch-a-long with the Glendon Place Pumpkins!!!???
I hope your day gets better. I've had a pretty miserable few days my self. Tomorrow will be better, for us all!