Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Week...amazing!

Hope everyone has had a restful and happy holiday.

I have had a perfectly marvelous week!
Monday I had dinner with a former student, who graduated in '97, and she informed me that she was taking me to see Mannheim Steamroller for my Christmas present. How cool is that!! [I LOVE Mannheim Steamroller, second only to Barry Manilow]

Then Tuesday, another former student ['94] came to school and brought lunch and visited for a while.

Wednesday I stayed in my PJ's ALL DAY!

Thursday, Thanksgiving, Momma and I went to a friend's for dinner. The food was great and the best thing about it was that it was all cooked by someone else!

Friday I had lunch with another former student ['95]. He now lives in LA and is a TV producer. It was exciting to see him and hear about all of his experiences.

Saturday was Mannheim Steamroller and today was the Boston Pops Concert. The director of the Boston Pops, Keith Lockhart, graduated from Furman University here in Greenville. This is the second time he has started their holiday tour at Furman.
It was wonderful!

So, even though I didn't get to see either of my children, or my precious grand baby, for Thanksgiving - my week was filled with lots of other people that I love and some wonderful music.

DD has been great about posting pics of EB on her blog and a couple of videos. That has helped but I can't wait to see her. Since I have seen her she is sitting up and crawling and pulling up and walking along the couch and eating some regular food. She is growing up so fast. I just hope she still knows me.

DS is coming home for Christmas and I haven't seen him since last Christmas. It's the longest I've ever gone without seeing him. I miss him so much. We talk on the phone about every other day, he is so sweet to call because he knows how much I miss him.

I have discovered Face Book. It is amazing and I have gotten back in touch with people I haven't seen in years...from high school, and college, and former students. Someone started a group of EHS Concert Choir Alumni and there are over 300 in it. It has been fun seeing their children and learning about what they are doing and getting together with some of them. If you haven't tried it, you should, it's not just for kids anymore. There is even a group of EHS teachers, past and present.
It's so much fun, but can be as addicting as blogging and reading blogs.

The Winter Concert is a week from Monday. [You know, I am a high school Choral Director] So next week will be full of extra rehearsals, from 7 in the morning until late afternoon. I think it will be pretty good, lots of guy is going to dress like Elvis and sing Blue Christmas and another guy is going to be a Disco Dancing Santa old favorites. I'm excited about it and I think the kids are too.

So, while I am singing and dancing the week away, and getting ready for the concert, I hope all of you have a wonderful week.

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