Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hello Again

I am amazed to see that it had been three months since I have blogged. I just haven't been on the computer very much adn I must admit that I have been on facebook.
Through facebook I am back in touch with students from 20 years ago, it's great!

I have been knitting an afghan for my son. He has said for years that he wanted me to make an afghan with a gamecock on it. I could never find a pattern, so I decided to just design it myself. I am knitting the main part in garnet, with a 3 inch black border done in a basketweave stitch. I found a picture of a gamecock on google and, using an overhead projector, drew it on paper on the wall. I still have to draw blocks on it and then I am going to put it on the afghan with an 'over stitch'. I don't know what it is called, and I have never done it, but I've seen others do it. I have been coming home every day and knitting madly, trying to finish it for Christmas.

Daughter and baby have been in Richmond since September. I will see them on Dec 16. I can't wait to see EB, she has learned to do lots of things since I saw her.

School is still wonderful. My classes are great, and Concert CHoir is amazing! We had our first concert Nov. 8. Our winter concert is Dec 8th. I am as happy this year as I was miserable last year.

Though I haven't been writing, I have been reading your blogs. No one probably even comes by here anymore. But I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Mel in Dubai said...

Enjoy your visit with DD and EB :)

Miokka said...

I'm so happy to see you post!
Bet you are counting the days till you can see your girls. How exciting! Good luck with the afghan! I'm glad school is going good this year & so happy that you are happy!!!!

DaisyGirl said...

I pop in to check to see how your music kids are doing! We are getting ready for our Winter Concert. Glad you will see the family soon!

Kathy said...

Been missing you. Glad you posted to give us an update on your world.

Have fun with EB.