Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Grandmotherhood - There's Nothing Like It!

I have spent the past three days with my DD and precious G-baby. It has been wonderful! She smiles and laughs out loud and is amazing!! Today we went to the mall for a few things. Every time I go to the mall I see tons of people I know....every time! Well, wouldn't you know it - today I saw NOT ONE SOUL I knew! I was so disgusted! I wanted to show people the baby!

I had some Simon cards from my choir and from a couple of students - so I went to the Brighton store at the mall. I got some gorgeous Brighton jewelry. I love Brighton, but would never be so extravagant as to spend that much money on jewelry for myself. So, even though I'm sure that I could find more practical things that I really should use the money for, I let myself buy Brighton jewelry when they give me the Simon cards. So, now I can always remember that the 2008 choir gave me this set and my two sweet students, whom I will always remember and love, gave me the gorgeous bracelet. The pictures aren't great because the flash would reflect on the jewelry, but anyway, you can kinda see.

Tomorrow I am going to teach Jeni how to sew. Friday, we are going to Gaffney, to meet some friends who haven't met EB yet. Sunday we head to the beach.
Fun times!!

I cannot pass up posting the picture of EB!!

Happy Summer!


Ranae said...

That is indeed gorgeous Brighton jewelry.
And that baby is adorable.
Have fun at the beach

Marie-P said...

Oh, I love Brighton...handbags, earrings, watches,sunglasses. You picked out some very nices pieces.

Blaine is getting so big and so very cute.

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Hi Jane, lovely jewelrys!! I'm glad you're enjoying your grandbaby so much, she is so sweet.

Miokka said...

Aaaawwwwwww! EB is so beautiful! The jewelry is great! How wonderful that you get this special timewith your two special girls. Enjoy, you are blessed!