Saturday, April 5, 2008

Advice? New Sewing Machine

So...I have decided to buy a new sewing machine. [The one I am using is a 1958 model.] I want one that will embroider and monogram and that will do quilting. I am asking for recommendations. I can't spend thousands. But surely I can find a good machine for less than that. [I figure that I will save enough on monogramming alone to buy my own machine. I've been getting EVERYTHING monogrammed for precious grand daughter.]

I have made this decision because I have decided to start sewing and smocking again -for my precious grand daughter. I have a smocking gathering-machine. I haven't smocked since my DD was 10 or so.

Also, I want to make quilts. I have been saving material and patterns for a while.
So I am ready - I just need a new machine. I thought I would go to the local Bernina store and start there. Singers are good, and Sears always has good quality products.

So ladies...what do you suggest?

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The Mess said...


No I am not a lady but I do have an opinion on sewing machines..

It should be a Husqvarna from Sweden I think one of the greatest was that model with the name 2000. Introduced sometime in the seventies but with that future in the name. Hmm.. that future we now has passed..

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

I can't offer you any good advice but I'm sure you will get some comments from those more experienced. Smocking is so nostalgic to me! I had little smocked hair clips and dresses when I was a girl, what a treasure that you have decided to do this for your granddaughter!

DaisyGirl said...

I love my Viking from Husqavana, I've had that machine now for 10 yrs, no problems yet.

Stitchingranny said...

I used to smock by hand when my daughter was a little girl but machines - oh no i they wont even do a straight line for me lol.

Wanda said...

I do't have one but my friend quilts alot and she swears by Bernina she goes to Concord Mills they have a store there.