Monday, January 19, 2009

Well, things are definitely better around here. I have heard from Jeni and they are settled in their new home and everyone is fine. Momma is doing okay, I have a great lady who is staying with her while I am at school and that is going very well. She and Momma like each other very much, so that is good.

Today I am determined to do some stitching. For Christmas I was making an afghan with a Gamecock on it for my son. It pretty much fell by the wayside when Momma got hurt. I have finished knitting it but I still have to put the Gamecock on it. The truth is I still have to chart the Gamecock, and THEN put it on the afghan.
I have started a baby afghan for a friend who is pregnant. I'll definitely post a picture. It is a design I have done before, but I am using smaller needles and I love the look, very lacy.

And I am itching to x-stitch. So these are all good signs that I am perking up.

I have enjoyed watching the inauguration festivities on TV and especially enjoyed the concert yesterday. What a wonderful variety of music and musicians and readings.

I have a friend who was there and called me during the program while one of the choirs was singing. That was pretty cool.

So, hope everyone is having a good holiday today. I am hoping for snow so we can stay home again tomorrow.


Miokka said...

good that you heard from your daughter and they are setteling in. I did not mean that you were having a pitty party! I meant that I was having a pitty party! I hope you did not think that was what I meant! Geesh!
Hope you get to have a 4 day weekend! I have enjoyed my day. Not sure where it went, but it didn't go at work so that's ok....
Hope you get to stitch lots!

Gramma said...

Hi. My name is Sherry. I came upon your blog when I was googling "The Village at Hawk Run Hollow," trying to find where I could purchase the chart. I am a stitcher, too, and retired from over 20 years as a school counselor just last April. It looks like you are a teacher, too. So we seem to have some things in common.