Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Okay, so I am officially giving up [and THROWING AWAY] this baby blanket pattern. There MUST be something wrong with it. I have started over SIX times and I KNOW I am following the directions. The pattern is K2tog 4X, YO, then K1 yo 7X. So it seems to me, that basically you are adding four stitches every time you do the pattern, which is adding 40 stitches every fourth row. Does this make sense to anyone out there?
Anyway, I am changing patterns, before I totally destroy this yarn by knitting and frogging over and over and over again.
Oh the frustration!!!!!
The DVDs of the Dinner Theatre arrived yesterday and we are all anxious to see it. During a performance, even though I am 'watching' it, I am really concentrating on the music and directing and keeping things going, so I don't really SEE it. The guy who films it also puts together a great collage of the rehearsal night. So, we are going to watch it in class today and tomorrow....and I will knit!!

Yaw'll all have a great day!

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